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Kinol Sharie Leyh & Associates has marketed and supported the Juris law firm time & billing package since 1998. We have grown a substantial accounting and tax practice with law firms as a direct result of our software work. Over the years, as our client base has grown and their needs have become more sophisticated, we have been able to draw upon our network of firms to develop custom benchmarks for firms looking to identify areas of strength or weakness.

We believe that the small and medium law firms do not have wide accessibility to the larger benchmarking studies. We also know that what affects the AmLaw 100 does not bear any relationship to a firm with 20 lawyers. Our firms need an efficient method to gather key data relating to the firm's production and financial performance and a way to measure their data against an average of similar firms in similar geograhic regions.

The legal industry is tremendously competitive. Imagine having insights into what other firms face. What do they charge? How many hours do their producers work? How much of their unbilled fees or accounts receivable balances is over 120 days old? How does the firm pay its associates or staff? Can money be saved in rent or off-site storage or insurance costs?

In 2014, we produced a benchmarking study comparing twelve law firms. The results of the study were immediate; within hours of publication emails were received requesting more information, and requests to attend management meetings to discuss the results. We have embedded a sample of the study, and urge you to consider participating for 2015. 

Can we be more competitive and still ensure that the partners are generating a return on their investment in the practice of law?

We are gathering data using basic reports that any law firm package can provide. We have a very simple Excel(R) spreadsheet that we have developed to capture this information. Example reports are provided below, as well as a link to the file. To participate, all we need from you is to download the participation form below and return it to us along with your data.

Download Excel File

You can return your completed form to us securely here.

Here are sample reports for comparison purposes. Use these reports to generate the information for Worked, Billed and Received Fees.

We have also created four text files that you can copy directly into either SQL Server Management Studio or in Juris > Setup & Manage > View Tables. Copy and paste the results into the associated tab in the Excel file.

For existing firms only:

For new firms only:

For firms who do not use Juris, please contact Mike Wasco directly to assist in obtaining query-level data suitable for use in the study. There is not an additional charge for his time in assisting you in obtaining this important data.

You can review our participation form here

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